Tamal Anwar Chowdhury

Community Building

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I have always enjoyed being part of a community. When writing on my first blog, I unintentionally built a local community of people interested in internet marketing and freelancing. When I went for my first tech meetup, I realized so many people know me just from reading my blog. That was the time I realized the power of a community.

I enjoy taking part in tech-focused hangouts and gatherings happening around me. Some of the events I was invited to were the oDesk meetup, Dhaka Tweetup, BIMPA meetup, the Payoneer event, and countless other internet marketing events. I will almost always take lots of photos and then come back home to blog about them.

The React meetup in Dhaka was my first event where I spoke about JavaScript. There I talked about my journey learning React.js. It was an awesome event with so many JS folks. I talked to almost everyone in that place and even had a chat with them at the after-party. Discussing my love for JS and the various projects I did with WordPress and PHP was a pleasure.

After that, I stayed engaged in the local JavaScript community and hang out with developers on a regular basis. My style of community engagement is through empathy. I love to hear their point of view and try to provide personalized feedback. When I get DM’s, I will make a public post or tweet answering them so others will benefit from it too.

I joined the Tech Career Growth Community with Alex and Rahul. It’s a community of 12k software engineers who want to advance their careers. For the community, I contributed regular posts, shared content, and built projects. I participated in the group discussions and helped other members with answers and mentorship.

During the pandemic in 2020, I started creating gaming videos to build a following of 100k fans on Facebook Gaming platform. Apart from the live streams, I would also run monthly video call meetups with fellow gaming enthusiasts.

I am active on Twitter and building a community of developers who are in the early stages of their careers. Over there, I share tech tips, threads, images, videos, and answer questions.

Being an extrovert and having genuine empathy for people allowed me to easily connect and help other devs. Since I come from a non-technical background, I can easily feel other people’s frustrations over tech. My community efforts always have beginners in mind.