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Content Creation

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Content creation has been a huge part of my daily routine ever since I been online. I started writing blogs as a way to share my knowledge and make money online. I created my first blogs in the blogspot platform. People enjoy reading my blogs, because it has easy language, short paragraphs, and lots of images. My early blog posts had lots of screenshots to help my reader do something step-by-step.

My primary motivation for blogging was to make money online as it was my main source of income to support my family. Over the first few years of blogging, I wrote lots of sponsored articles, along side countless tech tutorials. While earning money, I was also helping people learn content marketing while honing my writing skills.

One of my early blogs was BlogKori.com -an internet marketing blog from Bangladesh. It was the go-to resource for blogging, internet marketing, SEO, and freelancing. It helped thousands of people all around the world to start a blog and make money from it. I write articles using Google Docs. I start by writing down the first draft on docs. Then I use the Grammarly free extension to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. After that, I make adjustments and put that into the CMS for formatting.

WordPress has been my go-to CMS for many years. I built my newer blogs in this self-hosted platform and I love the overall content editing experience. During editing, I highlight sections, link to relevant resources, and add images. Once I am done formatting the post, I make the social sharing graph.

Nowadays, a social media graphic is a must for websites and blog posts. Your work spreads across social media via Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and in direct messages. Having a well written title and description with an eye-catching graphic will grab attention to your posts. I design all of my open graph images in Figma.

Other than written content, I also love creating visual content, images, screen sharing tutorials, talking video, social media posts, and Twitter threads. Content is just a medium to help my audience learn something new. I prefer creating public content so it can scale. When it comes to video content, I prefer screencasts with my talking head next to it. This gives a personal feel and makes my viewer feel like I am with them. I adopted this style of video creaton watching video game streamers. In fact, I am a video game streamer myself creating gaming videos on Facebook Gaming.

You can create the best content out there, but if you are not optimizing it for the site, people will miss out on it. I am doing SEO (search engine optimization) since my early days of blogging. Using these kinds of optimization lead my articles to conquer top results and bring me hundreds of visitors every day for free.

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