Setting Title Tags Using JavaScript: Inspired by Facebook Chat Notification

HTML <title> tag is a meta tag mostly used for website information purposes.

When you set a title tag on your page's .html file

it will show up on the browser tab:

And also shows up on search results:

But you can also change the title tag pragmatically using JavaScript.

All you have to do is to modify the document.title property.

I love how Facebook cleverly used the title area to notify about the new chat messages.

Here I have put together a basic implementation of the FB chat title effect.

First, you will store the current title tag in a constant value:

const currentTitle = document.title

Next, you will create a setInterval method to change the title every 1 second:

setInterval(function() {
    if(document.title == currentTitle) {
       document.title = "Tamal Sent You a Message"
    } else {
        document.title = currentTitle
    }}, 1000)

The setInterval method is a global method in JavaScript. By default, it takes a callback function and the interval amount (integer). The callback function will run every X time. In this case, it will run every 1000 milliseconds or every 1 seconds.

Inside the callback function, the logic toggles between the titles using an if/else condition.

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